Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

Do you have that warm tingling feeling in your belly? Are you suddenly looking at the world with sparkling eyes? Do you greet everyone you pass with a fresh smile and a "how do you do"? Don't worry, you aren't pregnant again. It's just that time of the year! (I am so not the "pregnancy glow" type of person, so I don't know where that came from.)

PDF Powerpoint

Anyway, here is a freebie for you. This is an activity for when that advent calendar just won't cut it.

"Oh look, I get to open yet another door, yay!" she says with sarcasm.

This is our Countdown to Christmas. It will keep you and your family having fun the whole month long. With this free download, I guarantee that by the time Christmas rolls around, you won't have that longing feeling that you just aren't ready for the holidays to end. You will officially be done with them as you will have checked every box of Christmas stereotype activity off your list. Are you ready?

Here's how it goes. Cut out these 25 ornaments and placed them in a glass jar, or any jar, or containing device will work. I say glass because I'm classy like that. :P Now this activity is good for anyone, kids or all my single ladies. I mean, I would do this stuff if I was home alone. Each day, have someone in your household draw one of the ornaments out of the containing device, and complete the task on the card.

Now, I've uploaded the Powerpoint, jpeg, and pdf, so that you have no reason not to participate because you have the freedom to edit the activities. You know, if you want to add "have a cocktail with my lady friends" on the list. (Unless you have a Mac, in which case, I'm sorry, Keynote wasn't working with me.) With two babies at my house, I had to choose activities that work for my family. If your kids are older and can carry a tune, you might want to add different items, such as caroling, to the list.

Easy right? Are you ready? Then go have fun and explore CHRISTMAS!

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