Explore Nature


Explore the outdoors and practice observation skills


  • scavenger hunt list

  • bottled water

  • pens


  1. Grab a scavenger hunt list and a pen

  2. Go to your local nature center or park

  3. Search for the items on the list

  4. Mark them off as you find them and return them to nature


It's Friday again, and you know what that means; time to get our fun on.

So, a few Fridays ago, we went geocaching and the kids absolutely loved it. We knew we had to get outside again. But in the dead of winter, that was a hard thing to do. Oh wait, this is Texas. We just had to wait. And wait we did, for one week, until the weather was nice enough to venture out.

We made the above Nature Scavenger Hunt list, printed a few, and set out for our local nature center. (Ink-Friendly Version)

I've included the PowerPoint version so you can make adjustments to include things present in your neck of the woods.

The trip started out really fun. The kids immediately found rocks, twigs, and even dead leaves. Then they got stuck on finding a flower. Being mostly girls, they wouldn't look at the rest of the list because they really wanted that flower. But it being winter, we knew that would be a hard item to locate. We steered them toward some of the other easier items.

Caden found a worm and a gnat to check the insect box off our list. Cohen spotted a bunch of dead flowers that we counted. Pine cones were being used as bird feeders at the center. Luckily, we were able to find everything on our list. See below to see the learning opportunities we encountered as we searched.

The scavenger hunt is pretty self-explanatory, so you don't need me rambling on and on.

Print it out or write it down, get outdoors, and have fun learning with your kids.

Learning Opportunities

  • We introduced new vocabulary to them including moss, litter and bark.

  • We discussed the conditions necessary for moss to grow.

  • Keaton learned the names of new species including the gnat, and we watched a worm in its natural habitat.

  • They also learned that seeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We found discarded seeds and talked about animals that eat them including squirrels and birds.

  • We spotted a few animal tracks and made conclusions as to what could have made the tracks based on their size, stride, and likelihood.

Items You Need or May Just Want With You

  • Scavenger hunt list

  • Crayon/ marker

  • Bug spray (Zika is for real, y'all.)

  • Magnifying glass

  • Close-toed shoes

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