It's Peanut Butter Bird Seed Time, Peanut Butter Bird Seed Time


Engage our small motor skills and understand what birds eat as we create bird feeders.


  • pine cones

  • peanut butter

  • knives

  • bird seed

  • string


  1. Find a pine cone

  2. Use the knife to put peanut butter on the pine cone

  3. Sprinkle seeds on the peanut butter

  4. Tie the string around the pine cone

  5. Hang the pine cone outside


We're having some crazy weather here in Texas. It's been unseasonably warm. I am literally wearing shorts right now. In fact, it is so warm that the birds even forgot to migrate south. We figured, if the birds think it is spring, we might as well pretend that it is too. So on this warm February day, we decided to make bird feeders.

When you're dealing with seven children under the age of five, you're a little limited in what you can ask of them. I wanted to build bird houses, but decided we needed to wait a few years to give our two-year old a hammer and some nails to play with. So, we did the next best thing, bird feeders.

If you've never made the classic peanut butter and pine cone bird feeder, you need to go back to your elementary school teachers and tell them to reevaluate their curriculum. (We are the pre-testing generation, dang it. We had time for that kind of stuff.)

I am blessed to have three huge pine trees in my neighbor's yard which shed their pine needles and pine cones all over my lawn 365 days a year. (That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell. Anyone who lives near a pine tree knows what I'm talking about.) But on this particular Friday, and usually around Christmas, we instead view our trees as a blessing, and utilized the fruit they bore to create bird feeders.

To add a small learning aspect to our Friday, we discussed the difference between how a bird digests food and how human's do. We also had the kids identify the food they thought would be best to put on the bird feeder based on what they thought the birds would prefer to eat. They chose between Cheerios, chocolate chips, fish food, and bird seed. We like to encourage our kids to think and question situations instead of just following instructions like little sheep.

Insider Tips

  • Tie the string to the pine cone before it is covered with peanut butter.

Overall not a complicated Fun-Size Friday, but we got outside, learned something, and had fun doing it. Watch our video and then enjoy this activity with your kids as you teach them to explore LIFE!

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