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Dinosaur World


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What To Do

Over 50 life-size plaster dinosaurs (included)

Animatronic dinosaurs (included)

Dino Fossil Dig (included)

Fossil Dig (included in the price of a 3-12 year old, or $2)

Park (included)

Gem mining station ($8-$13)

Dinosaur Fossil museum (included)

Feed the fish ($2 for a bag of food)

Geode Cracker



Sometimes we get so accustomed to the things around us, we forget that they are still new and exciting for our little ones. Growing up near Glen Rose, an area well-known for their dinosaurs, I was used to the fact that there were dinosaur tracks close to my home. Let me say that again, DINOSAUR TRACKS!!! That's pretty cool. I'd grown up going to visit them several times a year, so they lost their appeal. But Keaton, she has never seen them, and she is currently obsessed with dinosaurs thanks to a little show on PBS called Dinosaur Train.

She's still too little to appreciate the tracks, but Glen Rose has a fairly recent dinosaur addition called Dinosaur World. They have life-size plaster dinosaurs set up on a trail that the kids can walk around and view. We were having serious technical difficulties on the day we went, so the footage is not great, but it'll give you an idea of what's in store for you on your visit. They also have animatronic dinosaurs, which are not to be missed. They are included in the $12 entry fee, and make it well worth the visit.

They also have a fossil dig, and kids get to keep three of the real fossils they dig up. They have a gem mining station for a small extra fee, but being the nerd I am, that was probably my favorite thing. They have a free dino dig, allowing the kids to play in a large sand pit and dig up permanent dinosaur bone fixtures. There is also a park, you can feed fish, crack open geodes, and there is a museum of real dinosaur fossils. Whew, I think I got it all.

Insider Tips

  • The $8 bag of gems is plenty.

  • Most activities are outside, uncovered so take plenty of sunscreen.

  • If you buy your tickets online, you get a discount.

Dinosaur World has a location in Florida and Kentucky as well, so don't think you're going to miss out just because you aren't lucky enough to live in Texas. :) If you live in Austin, there is a similar FREE attraction at the Austin Nature and Science Center, so you are doubly blessed.

Are you sitting home, bored, reading this article? Well get up, get out, grab your kid(s) and explore life.

If you are into dinosaurs and the like, also check out Dinosaur Valley or Waco Mammoth National Monument.

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