Dora and Diego: Let's Explore

Dora & Diego: Let's Explore


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What To Do

Jungle Gym (included)

Rocket Ship (included)

Play Van (included)

Animal Hospital (included)

Slide (included)

Pirate Ship (included)

Collect Acorns (included)

Watch Dora and Diego (included)

Other Museum exhibits (included)


I'll keep this short as this Fun-Sized Friday is pretty self-explanatory. We enjoy a wide range of activities with our children: crafts, cooking, learning, etc. But in all honesty, a kid just wants to run around and play. This is something that the creators of Dora & Diego figured out. Their new interactive exhibit is nothing but hands-on, fun play. We visited this exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Just as a warning, do not go in here if you have a headache. Imagine over a hundred children running amok and you've got a pretty decent picture of this exhibit. They have everything though: a play animal hospital, a pirate ship, a rocket, a slide, a jungle, a play van. The list goes on and on. The kids literally just run from one exhibit to the next and play. They also have a stadium-seating theater where the kids can watch episodes of Dora on the big screen.

What is nice is that it is all in one small area with a staff member guarding the door. The staff member does not allow children in or out without an adult, so visitors don't have to worry about their little one running away.

Admission to the exhibit is included with your regular museum package. Plan on spending an hour to two in the exhibit. (You'll be done before your kids are.)

Want to see if this is for you? Check out our video and explore LIFE!

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