Little Life Gives Back: Care Packages for the Homeless

Care Packages for the Homeless


Create Care Packages for the Homeless


  • paper bags

  • bottles of water

  • granola bars or other food items

  • toothbrushes

  • other toiletries


  1. Divide up toiletries

  2. Form an assembly line

  3. Place one of each item in your bag

  4. Place your bags in your car

  5. Hand out bags


We love having fun with our kiddos, but beyond the teaching and playing, as a parent, it's also our responsibility to model kindness for them. At Little Life Explorers, we believe that generosity should stem from a personal desire to help others and not as a mandate taken from our paychecks by the government. This generosity is innately present in little ones, but it's up to the parents to foster and grow it into something tangible.

Cohen and Caden constantly keep bags of essentials in their cars to hand out to the homeless they encounter on the streets. They stock them with toothbrushes, granola bars, water, hand sanitizer, etc. They also help at a food donation station hosted by the Western Hills Church of Christ where those that are currently struggling to feed their families can come to receive prepackaged bags of food. For this Fun-Size Friday, we partnered with the church to increase our goody bags. We were able to create 50 bags full of toiletries and food to hand out.

This is something so easy that you can do with your little one to engage that sense of generosity before it disappears. You don't have to go broke doing so. You don't even have to create 50 bags. Start with 5. Go to your local store and get some bottled water, about $3 for 24, and some granola bars, about $3 for 12. Also look at the toothbrushes, $1 or less each, and travel size toiletries.

You can also create cards of kindness to include with your bags, saying "Hope you have a great day" or "Jesus loves you." The options here are endless. Then keep them in your car until you see someone in need to hand them out to. When these are gone, create more. Eventually you'll want to grow. Partner with a local church as we did.

So grab some bags and start stuffing.

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