Fort Worth Stock Show


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What To Do

Parking $10

Stock Show (Adult) $10

Stock Show (6-16) $5

Stock Show (5 and under) Free

Petting Zoo (included)

Walk through Midway (included)

Games, Rides, Food in Midway (included)

Pictures with animals (included)

Rodeo $20-$28 (also gives you access to the Stock Show)


I know this is probably blasphemous, as I am from Texas, but...before this, I had never been to the Stock Show. Like ever...anywhere. It sounded like something for cowboys, and though I am from Texas, I am far from a cowboy. As a vegetarian, I do not currently, nor have I ever owned or invested much in stock. However, we were given free tickets, and I don't often turn down anything that's free, so we went to check it out and found that the Fort Worth Stock Show is surprisingly fun, especially if you have little ones.

Just FYI, before you go, the Stock Show smells worse than a dumpster. Imagine walking into an enclosed barn containing over one hundred animals and their feces, cause that's what you are walking in to. If you can prepare yourself and your kids for that, you'll be fine.

The Fort Worth Stock Show has all kinds of farm animals and activities for children. They have sheep, cows, rabbits, longhorns, pigs, chickens, goats, horses, and then a few select odd animals I've never heard of. Such as an unidentifiable duck with the mane of a lion. Visitors are allowed to walk up and down the aisles visiting and observing the various animals. Plus, in the FFA Children's Barnyard, they have baby animals. We spent the most time in here because our little girls just loved watching the baby ducks learning to swim. Inside, they also have a free petting zoo for the kids to enjoy.

Outside of the barns, there are numerous Caterpillar-brand equipment that the kids can climb in and pretend to operate, a favorite for the boys.

In our search for the petting zoo, we got lost and happened upon the firetruck. The firemen were just chillin', so Caden decided to ask if he could touch the truck. They said, "Absolutely." They let us climb all over those trucks and pretend to drive them. It goes to show that it never hurts to ask.

There are free milking demonstrations that occur nearly every hour on the hour. We didn't catch one of those as they only let a certain amount of people in. They fill up quickly and lock the door if you are late.

The stock show has several demonstrations regarding agriculture. We stopped and watched a magic show full of information about farmers and why some eggs are brown. Spoiler alert, it directly relates to the color of the chicken.

There's also a rodeo at night if you wish to stay for that. It costs extra and runs pretty late for the little ones. We didn't experience the rodeo.

But wait, that's not all. The Stock Show is connected to Midway, which is a pretty large fair. Walking through the fair is free. Everything inside is pretty expensive. There are rides, food, games...everything you'd expect at a Texas-sized fair.

I absolutely recommend it for your little ones as they can participate in everything the show offers. After all, there aren't height requirements to see animals.

So if you are in the area, and sitting home bored in January and February, and who isn't sitting home bored during those months, grab your kiddo and head to the Fort Worth Stock Show. You know the weather will be nice, it always is. If not for the education, at least so they'll sleep good tonight. Explore cows, explore pigs, explore LIFE.

Insider Tip

  • Take the time to walk through the horse stables. If the owner's are there, they will more than likely pull out their horse for your kid's to pet. But beware, Caden and I were nearly plowed down by a stampede of horses.

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