A Day Out with Thomas

A Day Out with Thomas


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What To Do

Ride Thomas $21-$25

Petting Zoo (included)

Play with Toy Trains (included)

Ride Toy Thomas Trains (included)

Meet Sir Topham Hatt (included)

Get Temporary Tattoos (included)

Access to everything but Thomas $10


Our kids love Thomas the Train! Just to give you an idea: they got a matching pair of Thomas pajamas for Christmas, we have a massive set of trains from the show, and if Declan has his choice of what to watch in the morning, "Choo Choo" is always his first suggestion. So, when we found out that Thomas the Train would be visiting Grapevine, and you can actually ride on the train that he is pulling, we had to go.

When we began looking for tickets, it became clear that the prime times get snatched up pretty quickly. It is best to plan several weeks in advance for your trip if there are certain times you would like to target (or avoid). The regularly priced tickets range from $21-$25 depending on what time of the day you sign up for (children under 2 are free). We picked an early time, so our tickets were cheaper. We also took advantage of the KERA discount code ("k7ra"), which gave us $3 off of each ticket. With this ticket you get a 25-minute ride on the train, picture time with Thomas (you can either purchase pictures taken by the staff or have someone in your party use their own camera), and access to various activities in their mini-park. Among these activities are a petting zoo, an area to ride on miniature Thomas the Train cars, tables for constructing their own train tracks, and a chance to meet Sir Topham Hatt. You can also purchase carnival style foods and watch different performers throughout the day.

The kids loved it and we had a great time, too! It was so much fun seeing our kids react when they saw Thomas for the first time. To them, this is like meeting a famous actor or singer, their TV idol live and in person. Our kids love trains in general, but the fact that Thomas was pulling us made it even better. I highly recommend this for any family that is a fan of the show. Although it is a bit pricey, if you take advantage of the cheaper times and any available discounts, it's well worth it.

Keep an eye on your local PBS channel to see when Thomas is coming to your area and explore LIFE!

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