Fun-Sized Fridays: Snake Bubbles


To observe the various shapes of bubbles and just have fun.


  • Water bottle

  • Bubble solution

  • Sock

  • Rubber band


  1. Cut the bottom off the bottle.

  2. Cut a large section of sock.

  3. Place the sock on the bottom of the bottle. (The side you just cut off.)

  4. Wrap the rubber band around the sock to hold it on the bottle.

  5. Pour the bubble solution into a bowl.

  6. Dip the bottle, sock-end down, into the bubble to soak up the bubble solution.

  7. Blow on the spout side of the bottle and snake bubbles will come out.


Is it last minute and you don't have time for anything creative? Then snake bubbles are for you. They're just like normal bubbles, but cooler. Plus, most households that house a child will already have the supplies needed to complete this task.

Snake bubbles are just bubbles that you blow through a sock so instead of coming out as individual floating bubbles, they form one long strand of tiny bubbles.

I don't have much to say because this is so self-explanatory. Just follow the steps above and check out the video to see what will happen.

Insider Tips:

  • Explain to your child not to suck in on the bottle or they will get a mouth full of bubbles.

That's it, short and sweet. So get outside and have fun with your kiddos creating snake bubbles.

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