Fun-Sized Fridays: The Water Games


To have fun in the water by participating in a water war, every man for himself.


  • Water guns

  • Water

  • Bathing suits


  1. Fill up your water guns.

  2. Place them out in a large circle.

  3. Everyone stands behind a water gun.

  4. Let the fun begin.


We try to appease Caden every once in a while with a straight up boy activity. He hates the arts and crafts and baking and really anything that involves organization and sitting still. So here was the idea, a water gun fight. Nothing too complicated. Caden loves water guns. Caden loves water. Caden would love a water gun fight. Unfortunately his family was running so late due to prior engagements and Caden's nap, so that by the time they got there, we'd lost Declan and Keaton. Their mood couldn't be salvaged. Our massive water fight turned into a three person show. The three had fun though.

You have to remember with little kids that when things are new, they don't know what to do. Something like soaking one another with water guns seems innate, but it isn't. We preach and teach our kids not to hit or get anything on one another and now we're telling them it's okay to shoot a gun at their friend. So, we had to get them started because at first it was a gripe session over who shot who. They didn't understand that getting one another wet was part of the fun. So, we set up a soaker hose for them to get wet with first. After they were wet, they didn't mind if others got them more wet. Then we got guns and chased them around the yard to demonstrate what should be occurring. They understood in no time and had a blast doing so.

Insider Tips

  • If you don't have water guns yet and are going to buy some. I recommend the battery powered ones for the little kids. They have a very hard time aiming, holding the heavy gun once it has water in it, and shooting at the same time.

  • If you are playing with little kids, get the kids wet first before you start. You won't deal with so much crying if you do.

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