Treasure Hunting


To practice our letters and use our inductive reasoning skills by following riddles to find a treasure.


  • Treasure Chest

  • Rice Krispie Treats

  • Icing

  • Prize

  • Riddles


  1. Cut the Rice Krispie Treats into 9 pieces.

  2. Edit the riddles as needed, then print them out.

  3. Decide on a final location and spell it out with icing on the 9 pieces.

  4. Place one riddle with each Rice Krispie treat and hide them around the house or outside. (Keep one out to start the hunt.)

  5. Follow the riddles to find each of the 9 pieces.

  6. Read the 9 pieces to find the location of the final treasure.


Ever had a giant Rice Krispie treat donated to you that you didn't know what to do with? No. Maybe that's just me. Okay, so we had a giant Rice Krispie treat donated to us that we didn't know what to do with. As a female, your first inclination is to decorate it and eat it. But knowing the men in our life, they will be bored with that very quickly. So, what else to do? We needed something active to keep them involved, so naturally we turned it into a treasure hunt.

We cut the Rice Krispie into nine pieces. We gave the kids a riddle that led them to a Rice Krispie treat which had a letter on it along with another riddle. They followed the riddles and treats until they finally had all nine. Once they did, the nine gave them the location of their final treasure.

Our final treasure was just a few medals. We also had the idea of having a chest full of decorative items so they could decorate the treats if they wanted, but we didn't have enough to go around so we nixed that idea. Feel free to use whatever you would like as your final treasure.

This is an activity that is easily adaptable for all ages and takes minimal setup after you make the Rice Krispie Treat. Happy Hunting.

Insider Tips

  • For younger children, instead of riddles, use pictures of the locations where the treats are hidden.

  • If you have more than one kid participating, come up with an alternating method of who gets to "discover" the treat to avoid whining. Unless, you also want to have a lesson in fairness.

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