Top Attractions at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Forth Worth Museum of Science and History


Adult: $15

Children (2-18): $12

Children under 2: Free

Seniors (65+): $14

Use the link for the most up to date prices.

What To Do

Noble Planetarium (included)

Omni Theatre $8/$7 (for children and seniors) or $6 if bought in

addition to a museum ticket

Special Exhibits (included)

Children's Museum (included)

DinoDig (included)

DinoLabs (included)


When I was a child, I remember taking many a field trip here in elementary school to explore artifacts. But at that time, this was a museum in the true definition of the word. As is true with many museums today, the adult-centered exhibits slowly morphed into kid-friendly ones.

They have a variety of permanent exhibits and constantly rotate in new ones, most geared towards children, though there are a few adult ones as well. There is an Omni theater, with a domed screen, that is pretty cool if you aren't prone to motion sickness. They have a planetarium that shows a Sesame Street program for little children at 10:30 and again at 12:00. Otherwise, the shows are geared towards older children and adults.

By far the most intriguing thing at this museum is their interactive dinosaur exhibit, called Dinolabs. It's great for all ages, including toddlers. Very few bones are present at Dinolabs, but there is an oversized, interactive television that shows various dinosaurs walking around. The Velociraptors on the television are on a sensor, so they even chase the children back and forth across the screen. We had a hard time getting our kids to transition away from this.

Behind the screen, they have another screen. On this one, the kids color a dinosaur. Then, an attendant helps them scan it into the computer. A few seconds later, their dinosaurs can be seen walking or flying across the screen.

They also have a free Dinodig where the kids can go and use tools provided by the facility to dig up dinosaur bones. It's in the sun, so it can get quite hot and quite crowded, but the kids didn't seem to care as long as they were lucky enough to get a digging tool.

They have a Children's Museum that includes a play hospital, grocery store, and an outdoor water-exploration area and giant foam block yard. Probably a germ magnet, but always a hit. (Don't forget your hand sanitizer.)

They also have a section, Innovation Studios, that rotates exhibits geared towards children. Innovation Studios always hosts hands-on activities allowing the kids to tinker and explore to encourage exploration and grow brains. The two I've seen most recently were Chemistry and STEM related.

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has enough to fill a majority of your day with wonder and exploration. I encourage you to check out their website for more information before you plan your visit.

Insider Tips

If you like the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, be sure not to miss the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

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