A Guide to the Lonestar Pumpkin Patch

Lonestar Pumpkin Patch

Cost (without Groupon)

Admission: $12 (Groupon made it half price)

Children under 2: Free

Use the link for the most up to date prices.

What To Do

Big Corn Maze (included)

Little Corn Maze (included)

Pumpkin Patch (included)

Hayride (included)

Farm Animals (included)

Hay Bale Maze (included)

Hay Bale Pyramid (included)

Cow Train $2 / ride

Slides (included)

Corn Pits (included)

Roping (included)

Stick Horses (included)

Campfires $1 / person (minimum of 15 guests)


I don't know if you have ever taken your kids to a pumpkin patch, but if you haven't, DO IT!!! I had never even been to one myself. Sad, right? I clearly was missing out on an autumn staple, and I don't want you to suffer the same fate.

This is one of the most engaging places you can take a toddler. Normally, when you take a one- or two-year old anywhere, they can't participate in many of the activities. This is not true at a pumpkin patch. They can participate in everything the patch has to offer.

So, my sister found a Groupon for this particular pumpkin patch, Lonestar Pumpkin Patch, in Stephenville, Texas. It was like two people for $12 or something insanely cheap like that. (I highly recommend you check Groupon at Halloween because they are littered with coupons for pumpkin patches all over the country.)

So here are the highlights of what you get to do for that $12.

Corn Maze

They have two corn mazes at the Lonestar Pumpkin Patch. The Big one is BIG. It takes at least an hour to get through, even if you're running which I don't recommend because the ground is sand. It is super fun, but it is not covered and in Texas, it's still really hot in October. You will end up carrying your kid, no matter the age, and wagons and strollers are not an option due to the previously mentioned sand, so be prepared. There is a map once you reach the middle, which is appropriately placed because at this point of carrying my child under a sun that was eating me alive, I was becoming quite discouraged. However the map restored my faith and off I went. There is also a bridge so you can climb up and see where you are. The maze is in the shape of a picture which varies each year. Pretty cool! Also, each quadrant is color-coded so you don't backtrack. (Thank goodness!)

The small maze is appropriate for all ages. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to get through.


The hayride takes you out to the patch where they grow the pumpkins, so they are still on the vine. You will also see goats (i.e. the farm animals). Nothing to get too excited about. The ride takes about twenty minutes once it leaves the patch.


The hay bale maze is geared towards your little one-year-old. It's basically a maze for them and keeps them occupied for a while. It's the height of a hay bale, so no fears, you can see them the whole time.

There is a hay pyramid created for the climbing toddler. (I've got one, so I know all about that.) This will be a favorite.

They also have all kinds of other corn-related apparatuses to climb and explore.

Slides Aside from the maze, the best part of the patch is the slides. They don't look intimidating. It's just plastic on a hill, but man, you pick up some serious speed. Be prepared! They have several different sized slides to accommodate all ages. Also, they are pretty lax on the rules, so your kid is allowed to ride in your lap. (The whole place is very casual and unmonitored.) If your kid is like mine, you will spend an hour or more on the slides. So much fun!

Corn pits The corn pits are kind of gross to me, but whatever, the kids liked it. It's just a trailer full of corn seeds which act as a sort of sandpit. They have tractors inside for the kids to haul seeds around.

They also have a different pit that has bouncy balls for the kids to play on.

Roping If you live in Texas, you can't really go to a function without it having a roping dummy. You know what I'm talking about, that black plastic cow head stuck in a hay bale. Well, they have those here, as well.

Pumpkin Patch

And souvenirs? They have hundreds of pumpkins for you to buy at the patch. They have tiny ones to huge ones, orange ones to white ones, normal shape, to what in the "world is that shape". They start at $1, but get pretty pricey. I would say the average-sized pumpkin is about $12, more expensive than admission.

These are the highlights of the farm. I suggest you check out the website as they have much more to offer than what I've listed above.

I can't stress enough how much I recommend this pumpkin patch for all ages. I guarantee you and your kid will a blast. So jump on Groupon, or don't, either way, get your kid and go explore life!

Insider Tips

  • This is not a place for strollers. The whole place is a sandpit, so leave it in the car.

  • They have concessions, but they are pricey, so bring your own snacks.

  • Do not forget a camera. The photo ops here are endless.

  • You will be very dirty when you leave. Don't dress nice. Bring a change of clothes.

  • Wear tennis shoes or your feed will be covered in dirt.

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