Keeping it Local: Reptile Day

Keeping it Local: Reptile Day



What To Do

  • Look at and learn about the reptiles

  • Various related activities that change yearly

  • Questionnaire to win a prize


Large city folk have it so easy; they are bombarded with activities for their child to participate in. But when you live in a small town, you have to really keep your eyes peeled for some winning entertainment.

One place I always check out is our local Nature Center. Nature Centers are pretty abundant and well-known for hosting a wide-array of free and educational, family-oriented activities. (Perfect for stay-at-home moms and homeschoolers.)

One such event that I am a huge fan of is our Reptile Day. The DFW Herpetalogical Society puts on an annual Reptile Day at our local Nature Center. They bring in several snakes and turtles as well as a few other animals I've never heard of, to showcase to the kids. This year, they also had four different species of exotic birds and, for some reason, a baby goat. If this keeps up, they should probably change the name to Random Animal Day, but nevertheless, it was fun.

The Acton Nature Center, which hosts the event, sets up many different activities for the kids. This year, kids could make a turtle out of a paper plate, paint a plaster snake head, make a snake out of a tie, and have their arms painted to look like snake skin. They also had a questionnaire to encourage the youngsters to read the information they provide for each animal. If you answer correctly, you get a special prize.

The Acton Nature Center hosts the event every May. It's fun, it's educational, and it's outside of your house. So check out your local nature center and see what they have going on so you can explore LIFE!

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