Fun-Sized Friday: Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant Toothpaste


To explore concepts of science by observing chemical reactions.


  • Plastic soda bottle

  • Funnel

  • Dish Soap

  • Food Coloring

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Dry Yeast

  • Warm Water


  1. Find instructions on Steve Spangler's site.


For this Fun-Sized Friday, we made Elephant Toothpaste. The idea here is that a chemical reaction occurs between the yeast and the hydrogen peroxide which produces an oozing foam. When you add the food coloring, it just looks cool.

We decided on the kid-friendly version of this since there were little kids at the party. (To make the explosion bigger you can add a more concentrated hydrogen peroxide that can be found at beauty salons.)

The kids really enjoyed watching the “toothpaste” come oozing out of the container.

Got a kid that loves science? They'll love elephant toothpaste. Check out our short video, then grab your kids and go experiment.

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