Fun-Sized Friday: Explore Smoke Ring Launchers

Smoke Ring Cannons


To explore concepts of science by observing chemical reactions.


  • Plastic bag

  • Rubber band

  • Red Solo Cup

  • Safety Goggles

  • Gloves

  • Warm water

  • Dry ice


  1. Find instructions on Steve Spangler's site.


You know in movies where skilled smokers blow smoke rings out of their mouths? Well, did you know you that's actually not as hard as it looks? It's so easy you can teach your child to do it? I kid you not, only instead of our mouths we're going to use home-made launchers. And instead of smoke we're going to use dry ice.

Use the link to go to Steve Spangler's site for detailed instructions. That's what we did. While there, check out the rest of his site for ideas of things to do with your kiddos. He has a lot of kid-friendly science experiments.

(Make sure an adult is the only one handling the dry ice.)

As is probably true with the cigar scenario, this one actually takes a little bit of playing around with to perfect the technique. While experimenting, we learned that if the kids held the cup at more of a 45 degree angle it seemed to make more rings instead of just smoke coming out.

If you want to get really crazy I have seen this one on a larger scale using a trash can.

Look at your kids right now. Are they sitting watching an electronic device? Well grab them and explore science.

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