Fun-Sized Friday: Candy Cane Hunt

Candy Cane Hunt


  • To exercise and have fun as we race around to find candy canes.

  • To learn the history of the candy cane.



  1. Hide the candy canes.

  2. Read/ Listen to the story. (Use the links above.)

  3. Let your kids find the candy canes.


We had this awesome plan to recreate an old-timey radio show having the kids make the sound effects. Well, that was a disaster. Apparently you can't cue a group of toddlers. They were bored out of their mind and had no idea what was going on. All that set up and we had to ditch the idea. Oh well, sometimes that happens. We overestimate our child's abilities because in our head they are brilliant and perfect. (Not that they aren't outside our head as well.)

So, we needed a last minute filler. My sister had a box of candy canes and Keaton had just gotten a book about candy canes, The Candymaker's Gift, as a gift and it was still in the car. So I read the book, then we watched a video about candy canes while my sister went outside and hid the candy canes. We gave the kids a bag and let them go.

That's it, simple, huh? But you know what? It was one of their favorite fun Fridays. They got to go outside. They got to burn energy. And in the end, they got candy. Where's the bad?

So grab your kids, go outside, and explore life.

Insider Tips

  • Give the little kids a couple minute head start. Otherwise the older kids find all the easy ones.

  • Give the kids a limit of how many to find to prevent arguing over who found more.

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