Around the World: Australia



To learn about the Australian culture and practice fine motor skills while painting boomerangs.


  • Cardboard

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Scissors


  1. Discuss the Australian culture (You can use the jpegs at the bottom of the post.)

  2. We pre-cut the boomerangs, but, if your children are older, you can make a template for them to use to trace their own boomerang and cut it themselves.

  3. Paint boomerangs.

  4. Go outside and practice throwing them.


Continuing in our “Around the World” summer series, for Fun Friday we visited Australia. I happen to be in love with Australia and was able to travel there before having kids, so I had a few mementos to share with the kids including a digeridoo for them to try and play…not easy, by the way.

The kids learned about the amazing Australian culture, and made their own boomerangs to play with (these are not actual boomerangs and will not return.) I've included the slides at the bottom of the page. Feel free to use them as you teach your little one all about the Australian culture.

We started by going through our slideshow and learning about all things Australia: the aborigines, the animals, the landmarks, and the terrain. We then showed the kids a video of someone throwing boomerangs and of the aborigines playing a digeridoo. We also examined the widely-recognized aborigine art style of dot painting.

After they became experts in Australia, we moved on to painting our own boomerangs using the dot painting style. The kids always enjoy anytime we paint, so this was a big hit.

After our boomerangs dried we headed outside to learn the correct way to throw a boomerang and then set the kids free. We had real boomerangs, so though they did try to throw their cardboard ones for fun, we also allowed them to practice with actual boomerangs. As a kid, being able to go outside and throw stuff usually results in a good time. It’s the little things in life.

Check out the video to see our Little Life Explorers design boomerangs, then get out there and make your own, have fun, and explore LIFE.

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