Fun-Sized Friday: Explore Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses


  • Practice following steps to make gingerbread houses.


  • 3 graham crackers

  • Various candy

  • Various colors of icing

  • A piece of cardboard


  1. Break the graham crackers in half, like a hamburger.

  2. Create the walls of the house by using icing to hold four pieces of the graham crackers together as walls.

  3. Connect the last two graham crackers perpendicularly.

  4. Let this icing dry before you move on.

  5. After it does, connect the roof to the four walls also using icing.

  6. Now you can use icing and your random candy to decorate the house just like a normal gingerbread house.


When I was a teacher, we called these easy gingerbread houses though in all actuality, they don't contain any gingerbread. Instead of gingerbread, we use 3 graham crackers. (You're already liking this, aren't you. Cheap and easy.)

The kits at the store will cost you around ten dollars for each house. This will cost you about ten dollars to make multiple houses. This is the more economical choice because you know that literally as soon as the kids put the house together, they are going to destroy it to eat it, so it's your choice on how expensive you want your kid's sugar high to be.

This is an easy and exciting activity to do with your child around Christmas time. Just follow the six easy steps above to help your kid create a candy house. They will be so excited.

Insider Tips

  • Our biggest problem was that the kids were pushing too hard when placing the candy and were making the roof collapse. If you are working with young children such as we were, that don't have delicate fingers, you might allow them to decorate the walls and roof and then attach them.

  • Make icing as you can make it runnier and thus easier for children to spread.

So grab some candy, grab your kids, and explore life.

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