Fun-Sized Friday: Daddy/ Daughter Date Night

November 21, 2017

Daddy/ Daughter Date Night




Check your local Chick-fil-a for pricing. The one by us is $25 per family.


What To Do

Carriage Rides                                            Included

Photo Opportunity                                    Included

Roses                                                           Included

Violinist                                                       Included

Unfortunately, more often than not, the family fun falls on the female in the family. (You like that alliteration?) So once in a while, it's nice to let the daddies show that they can have fun with their kids as well.


Let me preface this article by stating that I have never actually been to Daddy/ Daughter Date Night given that I am not a Daddy nor a small child, so all my knowledge is coming second-hand. That being said, here's what I know.


Daddy/ Daughter Date Night is an event hosted by Chick-fil-a. Different branches host it at different times, so check your local Chick-fil-a to find out when there's is. Ours does it every Valentine's Day. One word of advice, reserve your spot well ahead of time. They open up the registration about a month out and that's when you need to register. The spots fill up very fast.


Here's what is cool about this, aside from it just being a great way for the daddy and daughter in your life to spend time together, the cost is unbeatable. It is $25 per table. We didn't understand that when we reserved our spot, so we reserved one table for my family and both of my sisters' families, thinking they could share in the experience. They only charged $25 for all six of them to eat. My husband offered to pay $25 for each family as that is what we thought the cost would be, but Chick-fil-a would hear none of that. It was $25 for six people! SIX PEOPLE! (And that includes ice cream.)


And it isn't just about eating. The couples get all dressed up; girls in dresses, guys in suits. My sister's husband got a corsage and rang the doorbell to pick his daughter up for their date night. It truly can be made into a special time if you choose to make it that way.


Every year the facility offers different attractions. We've seen horse carriage rides, photo booths, a violinist, they bring roses by...


Okay daddies, this your chance to shine. Grab your daughter, get to Chick-fil-a and together explore life!

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