Fun-Sized Friday: Explore Nativities

"Away in a Manger" Nativity Display



What To Do

  • Explore the Nativities

  • Complete a Scavenger Hunt


Doctors say that exposing babies/ toddlers/ children to new places and experiences speeds up brain growth. (It's true. I'm not a scientist or a doctor though, so look it up.) So as much fun and easy as it is to stick around the house, we try to get our kids out of it as often as possible. Christmas time always brings a plethora of opportunities to expose your children to new, and often free, experiences.

We live in a tiny town, so if we can find something to do at Christmas, everyone who lives in a larger city should have zero problem locating something. I love Christmas time because attractions are not only new and themed, but on sale or often free.

So we have a lady in our town, Faye Landham, that has an amazing collection of Nativities from around the world. This is not merely just a personal collection either, this is a monstrous, museum-worthy collection. So, what do you do when you have a collection of this size? Share it with the world, of course.

The Langdon Center, in Granbury, Texas, offered Mrs. Landham just this opportunity. We were skeptacle at first, taking eight children into a building with a bunch of valuable breakables. But it was very well planned and executed. And Faye did not hesitate in encouraging our children to handle all of her pieces.

Often, children aren't amused by viewing artifacts the way adults are, but the Langdon Center offered a scavenger hunt to help children zero in on certain pieces. The pieces were separated based on their country of origin. Perhaps the best part though was that Faye, herself, was there to offer insight into the pieces. We learned the history of several collections that we would have known nothing about had she not shared her stories with us. They also had a section of toy nativities for the kids to play with that sat in front of a mesmerizing fake fireplace. We could see and feel the excitement emanating from Mrs. Landham as she was able to present and share her treasures.

I believe this is the first year they have done this exhibit, but I, and I'm sure Faye, would love to see it return for others to enjoy! So, you've missed it this year because it was only on display for one week, but check out the Langdon Center next year to see what else they have to offer around this time.

It might be raining, it might be snowing, it might be cold, or it might be dark, BUT, I'm sure your town has something similar. So grab your kids, find something local, free, and fun, and explore life! When they're all grown up, you'll be glad you did.

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