Fun-Sized Friday: Explore Boo at the Zoo

Explore Boo at the Zoo

Kids arrive dressed in their holiday finest with dreams of the sweet candy binge.

So if you would like to know all about the Fort Worth Zoo, you can check out my other article here. Right now I just want to touch briefly on the once a year festival they host known as Boo at the Zoo. It runs over one weekend in October, whichever weekend is closest to Halloween.

When you first come in, they give you six tickets to participate in the festivities. At first you might be thinking, "What? Six tickets? What a rip off." About three hours later you'll be questioning how you could possibly still have two tickets left. See, you'll use your kid's tickets for the kids, and then you'll use your tickets for the kids, and then you'll use Grandma's tickets for the kids, and then you'll use your infant's tickets for your older kids, and then you'll find tickets on the ground that other mother's with too many tickets have abandoned, and then mom's will hand you tickets...It really just goes on and on.

The tickets basically act as candy coupons. You trade them in at treat stations in exchange for four pieces of candy. Don't spend all of your coupons at the stations up front either. If you head to the Special Events Pavilion in the center of the park, you can play games and get other cool prizes. The first year we went we exchanged our tickets for Clif bars. This year we exchanged them for lego and Minion toys from a toy store.

No need to bring your Halloween bucket either. The zoo has special "Boo at the Zoo" bags printed for your use.

So what else does the zoo offer aside from candy? The zoo has multiple Halloween-themed shows running all day back by the Special Events Pavilion. They also have Halloween characters roaming the park. Stop them and ask for a pic, they love it. In a hidden section near the penguins you can find arts and crafts and a Pumpkin Walk of Fame. At the theatre right next to the penguins, they have a special interactive show where they bring out their creepy animals. I think that's about it.

Insider Tips

  • If you do run out of tickets, the games are actually free to play. You just need a ticket if you want candy in return.

  • The zoo gets uber crowded on these days. If you're going at all, I recommend Friday or Sunday. And get their right when it opens or towards the end of the day so you can offset yourself from the rush a bit.

That's it. That's all I got for you. Grab your kids, get to the zoo, and explore life!

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