Around the World: United States of America

United States of America


Learn about the United States culture and practice fine motor skills with painting.


  • Paint

  • Stick

  • Feathers

  • String

  • United States PowerPoint


  1. Discuss the American culture (You can use our slideshow if you would like, or use the jpegs at the bottom of the post.)

  2. Collect sticks

  3. Paint sticks

  4. Attach feathers

  5. Practice using talking sticks


Here we are again, traveling the world….well, kind of. This time we decided not to travel very far and study our home country, the United States of America.

We started off by showing the kids a simple PowerPoint we created to remind them what our flag and the country looks like. For the U.S. we decided to focus on Native Americans as they are the natives of the land. We discussed the different tribes all over North America and then focused in on the Northwest Native Americans. The kids were really excited when they recognized the teepees as one of the forms of housing that the Native Americans built. Then we talked about talking sticks and what their purpose was for the tribe.

The kids love when we do crafts, so we sent them out to go find and make their own talking sticks. After collecting their sticks, they came inside to paint and decorate them.

Once the sticks dried, we busted them out and set in a circle to practice using the talking stick. Although they were a little confused about it, they enjoyed passing the stick around and being the only one allowed to talk.

Watch the video to see how it went.

Grab your kid, grab a stick, and explore LIFE around the world!

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