Fun-Sized Friday:Chemistry



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All ages


Plan to spend 3-5 hours at the museum, depending on if you do the Omni and Planetarium.

What To Do

For more information on the museum, read our article.


I am not a scientist. I know nothing about chemistry. I can research the tar out of it in order to do experiments with my kids, but why waste my free time if someone else is willing to do that for me. And guess what, they are. And not only that, but they are experts on the topic. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History hosted Chemistry Day as presented by Tarrant County College and we got to participate.

The museum is constantly changing out exhibits, so we keep our eyes and ears open to the new ones that are coming. The cost is always included with your museum admission.

This particular exhibit was pretty cool because students from TCU had set up a murder mystery that the kids had to solve using chemistry. It was definitely targeted towards children older than ours, but they still had fun participating. This was not a repeat exhibit, so it will not be back again, but new ones will be stopping by. They are always set up in the Innovation Studios section, and are always hands-on and geared towards children.

I'm not going to go into the science behind everything, because I don't know it. Check out the video to see what the kids explored, and keep a lookout for what the museum has to offer next.

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