Atlantis Sea Squirts

Atlantis Sea Squirts






1 hour

What To Do

Feed turtles Included

Pet a turtle Included

Pet a starfish Included

Feed stingrays Included

Feed sharks Included


How does that old saying go? Getting there is half the fun. No wait, that's not right. Getting there is half the cost. Yes, that's better. Atlantis is no exception. So any cheap or free activity, our family jumped on.

Sea Squirts is about the cheapest thing Atlantis offers for the kiddos to do. In a nutshell, they walk around and feed the animals. They get to feed turtles, stingrays, and baby nurse sharks. The guide even emphasized several times that they would have three stops on their trip, and he counted down with the kids after each stop.

That being said, there were several added bonuses on the trip. The first being that we had the opportunity to pet a baby turtle. (But, I don't know if it was just on our visit, or if they always do it.)In addition, they got to hold a starfish. Now, I don't know much about echinoderms, but I was cringing with the way the children, including my own, were handling the poor little guy/ girl. (Yes, they are male and female.) The staff didn't seem to care though, so whatever.

The age limit to participate in Sea Squirts is 3-6. Now, Keaton wasn't quite 3, she was a month away. But we didn't tell anyone when we were booking it and nobody ever asked, so we got away with it. (Something to keep in mind, they will be standing in waist-high water, so I don't recommend you withhold the truth on the age thing unless you are sure your kid can handle it.) Though a parent is required to go along, you will be nowhere near your child the entire time. They will be in the water with the guide, and you will be outside the barrier.

Overall, I think this is a fun experience for kids this age. Some are hesitant, but most eagerly jump in and feed the animals. The coolest thing is they get a very nice rash guard that they get to keep. See Caden modeling the rash guard in the picture to the above!

Are you at Atlantis? Do you have a 3-6 year old? Then let them explore LIFE! (And yes, it's okay to let them do it without you holding their hand.)

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