Fun Sized Friday: Texas Independence Day

Texas Independence Day




"Native Texan." "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could." If you live in Texas or visit Texas, these are both phrases you commonly hear.

People from Texas are proud to be from Texas. When a person says they are a Texan, it is said with pride. That being said, when March 2nd rolls around…we celebrate.

March 2nd is Texas Independence Day. This is the day, in 1836, in which Texas declared independence from Mexico and adopted the Texas Declaration of Independence. It is required for schools in Texas to teach about this day and the events leading up to it.

For this reason, it isn’t hard to find some sort of celebration or reenactment somewhere in Texas on and around this day. We decided to teach the kids a little history and took them to the Texas Independence Day celebration that was close by.

There were many booths set up where they had people talking to the kids about that time period and how people lived. Each booth had a docent dressed in the role and answering questions as if they were that person. The kids really enjoyed learning about Texas history and seeing how people lived back then.

They had gun and canon firings, rug making, yarn making, cattle roping, and on and on.

This was a really neat and educational event that the kids enjoyed a lot, plus it was free. You can’t beat that when you are taking a large group of kids.

So get out and teach your kids about your states history while you explore life!

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