The Pools of Atlantis

The Pools of Atlantis

Let's be honest, it would be easier to count the land area at Atlantis than the water ones, yet they made an attempt. Atlantis is a large resort, and therefore, has a lot of large pools. It has eleven different pools to be exact, three of which are designed specifically for children! Hooray! So here is the breakdown of these pools of Atlantis.

The River Pool

We spent a lot of time in the River Pool. It is one of the larger pools, yet one of the least crowded. It is also the closest pool to the Atlantis beach. If guests are on land, they can see every part, which is really nice for parents. There was a steel drum band that would sporadically play music. They even let the kids join in! It is called the River Pool because it is connected to the Lazy River, though it is sectioned off by a rope, so don't worry about your kid floating away.

The Poseidon Pool

Aside from the River Pool, the Poseidon Pool is where we spent most of our time. This won't be the case for most families unless guests are traveling with really small children as we were. The water is only like a foot deep, maybe a bit deeper. It has floating toys for the kids to play on, a baby splash pool that is about four inches deep right next to it, and a cascading water feature. It is a small, hidden pool, and therefore, we rarely saw anyone else at this pool, which is probably why we liked it so much. It is also well shaded and right next to the small lazy river.


I don't feel like I need to say much about this one. You know that giant playground in the middle of water that you see when you look up Atlantis on the internet? That is this pool. It is intensely fun for kids, but it is also super crowded, and very easy to lose your kids. There are a ton of lifeguards around though and the kids go nuts here. They have slides for little ones and big ones. Adults are not allowed on any of these slides, though you are allowed to escort your child to the top. The water itself doesn't go any deeper than like three feet.


Most children and parents will stop at Splashers, but there are a lot of other pools that were created with kids in mind. Ripples is one such pool. Ripples is a series of small pools connected by three small slides. Our kids just loved going from one slide to the next. At the lowest pool there are seahorse statues that spray water for even more fun. Also, the bottom level can't be more than a foot deep, which makes it perfect for even your youngest swimmer.

The Grotto Pool

The Grotto pool will be the small pool with the waterfalls. At Ripples, guests can reserve seating where they can lock up their valuables. We never feared for any of our items while at Atlantis, and left them unguarded many times, but it's nice to know this feature is available. Also, if guests reserve this seating, there is a waitstaff that will tend to you. The pool itself is probably the least spectacular one on the property though.

The Baths Colonnade Pool

We used this pool as a shortcut several times, but other than that, I think we only actually swam in it once. It was too big and had too many features that would hide our children, so we didn't feel particularly safe having them in it. That being said, it's a great pool. It's massive and deep so parents can soak more than just their knees and below as is true in most of the kid pools. It has a waterfall feature that you can go underneath, which was popular with our kiddos.

The Cove Pool

We did not visit this pool. It is adult only and reserved for guests staying at the Cove. So basically guests have to be rich and childless to visit.

Mayan Temple Pool

The Mayan Temple Pool is very similar to the Colonnade Pool in that we didn't visit it that often. We spent most of our time at the Kid Pools. This is just another large, crowded pool, but it sits at the base of the Mayan Temple, so it is an easy meet-up spot as your older kids are riding the rides.

Royal Baths

The Royal Baths pool lies just outside the main part of the hotel and casino. It is a large, pretty shallow pool with a plethora of seating surrounding. This pool stayed pretty crowded while we were there. It is just behind Shark Bites, a popular outdoor eating area, so you can grab a drink and then stand in the waist-high water to stay cool as you enjoy your beverage.

Cascades Pool

This is also exclusively for guests of the Cove and the Reef. We were not, so we did not visit. However, unlike the Cove Pool, this one is family-friendly.

Lap Pool

I did see the lap pool as we were going to Rise and Shine with Dolphins, but I never swam in it. It is not near the other pools at all, in fact, it is a good walk to get there. However, it does open earlier for guests that like to workout while on vacation. It is a 25-meter pool and strictly for swimming laps.

So that is a short breakdown of the pools at Atlantis. I hope you found something helpful. Check out our video for a visual of most of them. Have fun and explore LIFE!

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