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Many might think that taking a young child to Six Flags is a pointless task. I know, because I was one of those people. When I think of Six Flags, I think of thrill-seeking, over-sized roller coasters, nothing suitable for a young child. I was wrong.

My family first went to Six Flags on free tickets offered by their "Bring a Friend Free" day. We had so much fun that we ended up buying our own season passes. You read that right, two one-year olds and and three-year old with season passes to Six Flags. (Actually kids under three are free.)

We used up those season passes too, going about once a month. So after our numerous family trips to the park, here is a list of our top ten rides for your young ones. These are based on wait time, excitement for both child and adult, and what my kids seem to like.

1. El Asseradero

Better known as the log flume, this ride does have one of the longer wait times on this list. Here's why it is included, the wait time compares to the length of the ride. Where most kids rides last a minute, this one is closer to four minutes. It twists and turns, splashing the children for little exclamations of glee without soaking the parents. The one at this park was also the first log flume-style ride in the world. There is not a minimum height on this ride, so even my toddlers could enjoy it.

2. Mini-Mine Train

Your little ones be able to ride this as their is a 36 inch height requirement, but this is a family favorite. All the kids that can ride it, love it. It is the fastest and one of the most intense rides at Six Flags that this height can ride. It makes our kiddos feel like big kids, which they love. It's a very short ride, but even on busy days the line isn't too bad. Most Parents will also enjoy this ride.

3. Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure

This is another ride without a height requirement, but it is also another ride that can have a long line. On Yosemite Sam, everyone jumps into a boat and sails through a cavern full of animatronic Looney Tunes characters. You see the story of Yosemite Sam stealing some gold, and Texas Ranger Bugs Bunny and gang apprehending him. Included are side stories with Daffy Duck and the Roadrunner. It's like sailing through a cartoon you can touch. My kids insist we ride this one every time we come. Parents will enjoy this ride as well as it is a nice break from the Texas heat.

4. Batwing

This ride is so far away from all the other kiddie rides, but we visit it nearly every time despite this fact. It is an airplane ride where kids push a button to lift their batwing in the air. I remember loving rides such as this when I was a kid, so I understand the appeal. Flying is always a favorite. This is a slow-moving line, but the ride is fun for all ages. I recommend this one over the airplane ride in Looney Tune Boomtown. It goes higher and adults can ride, which they can't in Boomtown. There is no height requirement or restriction on this ride.

5. Boomtown Depot

Kids love trains. This is a fun one too because it takes you to the other side of the park and has exhibits for you to see along the way. If you are lucky enough to get a good conductor, you will hear some interesting history about the park. There isn't a height requirement or restriction and they will let you load up your stroller if the train isn't too full. Otherwise you have to come back for it.

6. La Fiesta de Las Tazas

There are teacups in Boomtown, but adults can't ride and children under 36 inches can't ride. La Fiesta de Las Tazas is in Mexico and all heights can ride. Therefore I find it more family friendly and our top choice.

7. Roaring Rapids

Roaring Rapids is often closed for one reason or another, but when it is open, it's fun if you can find the entrance. (A joke you'll understand when visiting. Hint: The exit is not the entrance.) It is another long line but with big pay-off as the ride is nearly five minutes long. There is a 36 inch height requirement. Your kiddos will love this ride, and you will too.

8. Silver Star Carousel

Simply a classic of Six Flags. You can't visit the park and not ride it, but first please do yourself a favor and read about its vast history so that you fully appreciate what you are riding. They really need a plaque at the park. All heights can ride.

9. Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters

If you are looking for THE ride to soak your little ones, look no further. Bucket Blasters is your answer. You do have to be 36 inches to ride, BUT you can stand outside the fence and scream for those on the ride to soak you as well. They are generally happy to oblige.

10. The Frosty Snow Hill

This is only available during Holiday in the Park and the line is often quite long for this reason, but we rarely get the chance to sled in Texas. Please bear the line and give your kids this opportunity. Suitable for all ages, but your little ones have to ride with an adult and they don't allow more than two people per sled.

Two Rides You Are Wondering Why I Didn't Include on the List:

1. Aquaman Splashdown

Why: The line is always too long.

2. Chaparral Antique Cars

Why: These are always a hit, but the line is always CRAZY long. I do recommend them if you time the line right.

Those are our favorite rides at Six Flags Over Texas. It's time to discover your own. Grab your family, get to Six Flags, and explore LIFE.

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