Texas Wildflowers Field Guide

Texas Wildflowers Field Guide


To observe and learn about Texas wildflowers in the natural habitat.


  • Field Guide (PDF)

  • Magnifying glass (optional)




Windows are open, weather is tolerable, allergies are going nuts...can only mean one thing here in Texas, spring has sprung.

Texas is a beautiful state year round, and I would not live anywhere else. (Except maybe Maui. I could happily live in Maui.) But there is this short window in Texas where we are truly blessed by the beauty, when all our wildflowers bloom.

We take our wildflowers seriously here in Texas. Aside from the state flower, the bluebonnet, we respect all our flowers by not mowing until they have left us. It's a huge sacrifice, taking back those weekends by not mowing, but it just shows how devoted we are to our plants. ;)

Texas has over 5,000 native wildflowers. A native Texan grows up learning the names of a good portion of these: Indian paintbrushes, bluebonnets, thistle, Indian blankets, Mexican hats...(who named these things?) I remember as a child, walking around on my Papa's farm as he educated me on all the flowers. As our rural areas slowly turn more and more urban, it was important to me that my children still learn to recognize some of these more common Texas wildflowers.

We created a field guide, and we went to the local nature center to identify as many as we could in their natural habitat. This is so easy, toddlers to teens can participate and learn something. Keep in mind that some flowers come in multiple colors, so keep your mind open when identifying a specific flower or use your phone to verify your finds.

You may or may not live in Texas, but every state has wildflowers. Download our field guide, or create your own field guide. Either way, get outside, and explore LIFE!

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