Free Fun During CoVid-19

Free Fun During CoVid-19

* New ones added 4/27/20

We are a going type of family. And by that, I mean we never stop going. Apparently it

takes an act of government to force us to enjoy our home. But just because we are "sheltering in place" doesn't mean we can't continue to explore life.

Coronavirus stinks. But you aren't in it alone. The internet is full of free and interactive fun and learning to keep people of all ages busy and productive during this time. Check back often to see our growing list of free and interactive fun to keep everyone in your home entertained.


*Disney: Have Mickey and Friends send your kids off to Lala land with a special message.

Fun Stuff

*Roald Dahl: The Roald Dahl website is adding some seriously fun and engaging activities for kids and fans. It didn't really fall into any specific category.

*Hogwarts Digital Escape Room: Enough Said.

*Sonic: Even restaurants are trying to entertain your kids. Download and complete their Family Fun Packs with your kiddos. Plus, their kid meals are only $1.99 until April 30th.

Story Time

*Taste Buds Kitchen: Every Tuesday and Thursday they are hosting free online cooking classes for your family at 1:00 pm (CST)


The following zoos are doing live streams to teach kiddos all about animals! It's like free zoo school. I know there are a lot more, but these are the ones we've participated in so far. Check your local zoo. (Make sure to check the times.)

Elmwood Park Zoo (Weekdays at 11 am Eastern)

Houston Zoo (Weekdays at 11 am Central)

Cincinnati Zoo (Weekdays at 2 pm Eastern)

Georgia Aquarium: They have all kinds of at-home learning fun on their site, including multiple web cams so you can watch all the animals hanging out without the tourists.

Story Time

We've come across lots of fun online story times. Here's a few we like.

Josh Gad (Random times at bed time)

Mr. Jon and Friends (10:30 am Eastern)

Story Time From Space (not a live event)

Disney: Disney has the hook-up. They are having all kinds of famous people put your kids to sleep right now via their social media.

*#Savewithstories: More famous people wanting to read to your kids at night. (I really wish they would come sit in the room with my kids and put them to sleep though.)


I was going to put STEAM together, but as we add on, I thought it was easier just to split it up.

Ranger Rick: Free Ranger Rick magazine downloads until June.

Embry-Riddle: Aviation 101, a free course, geared towards teenagers

Discovery Lab Online: The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is bringing virtual classes to your home. Check back each day to see what new topics they are covering.

Ology: The American Museum of Natural History is covering, well for lack of a better phrase, all "ologys". Click on your area of interest and discover videos and activities related to different topics including marine biology, physics, and so much more.

National Geographic for Kids: They aren't doing anything new because of coronavirus, but this is just a fun, engaging site full of experiments, videos, and activities.

Smithsonian: This could go under science or history, but here it is. Geared towards older kids, the Smithsonian has a lot of live chats and web series coming up this week and next. Check the site to see what interests you.

Smithsonian Kids: Just as cool, but for the younger kiddos.

*WWF: This is seriously cool. They have daily activity plans for you to do at home with your kids. Seriously, check this one out.


Imagineering in a Box-Khan Academy partnered with Disney: Create A Theme Park


Code Break: is free as it is, but right now they are also launching Code Break, an "interactive classroom with weekly challenges." You don't even have to have a computer to participate.

Arts & Crafts

Michaels (Wednesday at 12 pm Central)

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems (Weekdays at 1pm Eastern)

McHarpor Manor: This does require you to have supplies you might not having sitting around the house. It is geared towards older children, but everyone can participate. (Weekdays at 1 pm Eastern)

Lindsay's Art Cart (Weekdays at 10 am Central)


Reading Eggs: They are doing 30 days for free to help support school shutdowns.

Story Mentors: Free leveled readers with a resource and activity guide for parents.


Nanowrimo: Stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is usually in November. However, they are about to start a new challenge on April 1st. Want your child to be super productive while at home? How about writing a whole novel in a month. This free program will help them stay on track and achieve this goal.

Physical Activity

*Dance Dreams Academy: Free Virtual Dance Classes. They have a little kid class on Wednesday mornings at 10 am (Central) and an older kid class on Thursdays at 5 pm (Central). Both are very appropriate for their age groups.

*Dance Dreams: Live fun dances Monday through Friday at 5:00 pm (CST). These are more appropriate for younger kids (18 month-6 years).

Cosmic Kids Yoga: Not live, but lots of fun for kids.

Phoenix Academy: Live dance classes at different times. Check their Facebook to see what's coming.

Collective Sites

Activity Hero: All kinds of live streamed classes listed on one site. Find what suites you.

Nickelodeon: All kinds of free and fun ideas and Printables based on themes your kids already love.


We aren't leaving you out.

Home Depot: They have a ton of online virtual classes to fix up your house while you are stuck in it.

Dancing Alone Together: Ready to learn a new skill? Dancing Alone Together is hosting all kinds of live dance classes, mostly aimed at adults.

Starbucks: They are giving away free coffee to Front-Line Responders through May 9. Work out with Chris Hemsworth for FREE for 6 weeks!

*Down Dog: Free access to their amazing Yoga App until June 1st!

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