Frozen Fun: Color Bubbles



To understand and experiment with states of matter.


  • Balloons

  • Food Coloring

  • Water


Cost of Supplies


So it's below freezing outside, that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Check out this fun activity to keep your little one's mind growing and their hands busy even when it's cold.

This weather came at the perfect time for our homeschooling family because our science curriculum was covering states of matter. So, we did not waste a minute incorporating this rare Texas snowstorm into our schedule.

We froze the liquid water to form the solid ice. Then we took the ball back inside and boiled it to create colorful steam. (Side activity: Hold a piece of paper above your steam to collect the colors!)

What else can you do with your frozen color balls? Here's what we did: frozen bowling, snow painting, colorful additions for our snowman, slide races. What can you come up with?

Follow the steps below to create your own frozen fun.


Put drops of food coloring into the balloon. The amount of drops will vary depending on how much water you are going to place inside of the balloon. We used three drops for our smallest, up to nine for our largest balloons.


Fill up the balloon(s) with water.


Place the balloon(s) outside and sporadically check on it to see when it is frozen.


After the water inside feels sufficiently frozen, cut off the surrounding balloon. Be careful as the excess dye will still get on you when you open up the balloon.

That's it! Easy, fun, entertaining, and educational. Have fun, stay warm, and as always, explore life!

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